Ohaeawai Primary is a bi-cultural Year 1 - 6 rural school with approximately 160 students in Ohaeawai, Northland. 

The Kaikohekohe PLD focus is Learning Together is Empowering through writing.

To check out the learning that is happening in the school click on the blog links below or view the classes google site pages.

Class Blogs
All our Year 4 - 6 students have individual blogs and these can be accessed through their class blog.

Team Awa

Year 3 and 4

Team Moana

Year 5 and 6

Team Maunga

Year 1- 2


Class Sites
At Ohaeawai School all Year 4 - 6 students have a chromebook of their own. This has changed the way we teach and learn. Children access their learning through sites the teachers have created. Even our junior school can view their learning through their class sites.