Cyber Smart and Cyber Safety sessions will be run by each school to cater to the needs of the parents and students within that school.
Parents will be provided with the opportunity to learn practical CyberSmart values to apply in the home. Parents will also learn specific skills e.g screenshots, safe browsing, checking history of devices and other helpful skills for the home. Parents also have the opportunity to learn more about Google products such as docs and gmail (Optional).
A session could cover all the physical features of the chromebook. It will also include the important aspects of The Kawa of Care and ways to practically apply the values of this document in the home. Parents will be shown a classroom site, a classroom blog and then a child's individual blog. From here parents will be shown the difference between all three, how each site/blog may be relevant for different times and how to effectively use them as a means to engage with childrens learning to stay informed.

Schools in the Kaikohekohe Cluster require you to attend at least one session before the device can go home with students. Some schools may have a specific policy that you must attend one session, where other schools request that you attend two sessions. Please contact your school if you require further information on this.

Some suggested safe sites for you to view:
This is a NZ site that has information available for teachers, parents and students.  This site will answer any questions on staying safe online and has a great range of resources for you to view and share with your child/children.
This site is aimed at Primary school children.  It is used throughout the schools so children will be familiar with Hector and his friends.  They enjoy the animated characters while learning valuable lessons about staying safe online.
This site provides information and advice for any issues related to cyber bullying.  This is a great tool to have as a parent to support your child with any issues that may arise.