Our Story

History reveals that the name Kaikohe came from an incident involving fighting between inland and Hokianga groups. Kaikohe Hill was known to the Maori as Tokareireia, and was then covered with kohekohe trees. Pakinga Pa to the west of the town was one of the strongholds of Ngapuhi. While the warriors were away waging war the defenceless pa was attacked.

Being without food the people were forced to eat the bitter berries of the kohekohe trees. This was when the name Kaikohekohe was first used – thus Kaikohe.

Such events are evidence of the resourcefulness of those who have gone before us. Resilience and determination to succeed in an unknown and challenging time brought about a new beginning, not the end. Such qualities are ones we value and are evident in the children, our tamariki, of today as they prepare to become citizens of not just Kaikohe but the world.

How the Kaikohekohe cluster works together