Film making and rewindable learning workshop

Nicola Wells and Kerry Boyde-Preece

Tips and tricks on how to making rewindable learning resources

Learn how you and your students can make rewindable learning resources - using mainly Screencastify and Google Presentations - then explore a range of other examples and apps before making your own to start the year.

Rewindable Learning

Rewindable learning Apps to explore


Screencastify is a Chrome Web Extension that allows you to record your screen in your Chrome Web Browser. This is ideal for creating rewindable learning resources where you want to explain things to students that are viewable on your screen.

Screencastify automatically generates a video file for you from your screen recording and populates a folder in your Google Drive to store them for you. From there you can share them directly from our Google Drive, on your website or blog. Alternatively you can upload them to your YouTube channel. Click here to add the Chrome Extension Screencastify to your browser. The video shows you how to get started.


Edupuzzle is a web browser app that allows you to add questions to videos so that students can pause them and answer questions directly in the viewing interface. You can use any YouTube video or add a video that you have created yourself to your Edupuzzle dashboard. Videos and their questions can be assigned to students which generates a gradebook in Edupuzzle. There are also videos that other teachers have created and shared which you can copy and edit to suit your needs. Edupuzzle is definitely worth a look and most of the features are available for free.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark's free subscription offers a simple way for you and your students to create a video from slides, photos and short bites of video footage right in the Google Chrome Browser. A range of audio and images is available to use from the free Adobe Stock library and you can upload your own from your laptop or Google Drive. If you are adding video footage the free account only allows you to add 3 seconds at a time, you'll have to subscribe for the premium account for all the features.