PLG Professional Learning Groups

The first PLG for 2019 was held at Kaikohekohe West School on Tuesday 12th February.

Teachers heard excellent presentations that focused on the four key areas identified by the KEN principals and school leaders in 2018.

  • Critical Thinking - Jenny, Tracey, Chrissy, Becks, Moni
  • Vocabulary and Language - Kariene, Deb
  • Feedback and Feed forward - Jess, Liz, Michelle
  • Student Agency - Raewyn and Mattie
KEN PLG's 2019
Student Agency - What does it look like...

Raewyn Ritchie

Mattie Paraha

Evidence for PLG

Chrissy Smith

Becks Newton

Feedback and feedforward presentation

Jess Henare


Kariene Gardener

Photos from the day