Kawa of Care

The 'Kawa of Care' is an agreement between students, parents and schools to ensure the best care and responsibility is exercised with Chromebooks.

The Kawa of Care is a complementary agreement to the contract between Kaikohekohe Education Trust and whanau/family.

The Kawa of Care form outlines the responsibilities of the student as well as the family/whanau. It explains how to care for the device and gives guidelines on how to use the internet wisely both at home and at school.

Read the agreement document below, and view the slideshow to understand all aspects of the Kawa of Care.

Click this link to open, view, or download a PDF copy of the Kawa of Care agreement. View this link to see a Google Doc of the Kawa of Care.

Kawa of Care - Whanau
Kaikohekohe - Kawa of Care Student Agreement (1).pdf

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